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  • Health and Fitness Monitoring App

  • eHealth Medical Kiosk

  • e-Health via TV

  • Remote Health Monitoring platform


Our passion for technology and creating innovative solutions has led us counter the challenges of healthcare for many years. Plenar Tech has worked to develop wide-array of solutions to help change population health – address the needs of different patient demographics and promote fitness/well being. With the continued experience we gain, we look to address the needs of health care systems globally, developing solutions unique to the population and distinct in terms of User Experience.

Our expertise in eHealth, telemedicine, and mHealth solutions focuses on remote patient monitoring, remote therapy/fitness management, and public medical kiosk.

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Our Solutions Are




Our solutions are device and platform agnostic
Integrate easily with any EHR Developed using HL7 RESTful API


Our solutions are designed and developed to meet HIPAA technical safeguards. In addition to technical safeguards, our teams and operations adhere to administrative and physical safeguards where necessary. Privacy & Security is of utmost importance, through encryption and multi-tired security interface we ensure that patient information is safe.


Patient Care Plan
Patient UI preferences
Real-Time Alerts
Wireless Health Device Integration
Multi-Lingual Speech Output
Social Network Integration


Weight Scale (Bluetooth SPP and HDP, ANT+, Zigbee, Serial, USB)
Blood Pressure Cuff (Bluetooth SPP and HDP, USB)
Pulse Oximeter (Bluetooth SPP, Zigbee)
Blood Glucose meter (Bluetooth SPP and HDP, USB)
EKG/ECG machine (Bluetooth SPP, USB)
Footpod or Stride Sensor (ANT+) Heart Rate Monitor (ANT+)
Bike speed and cadence sensor (ANT+)
Fitbit Tracker (ANT+)
MyZeo Brainwave Headband
Any new devices as per requirement


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