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Support Systems

Product Support is an often overlooked aspect of the management of software products. Support does not end at proper installation of the software. In fact, here one gets feedback on the quality of the product that one delivers and an opportunity to learn about the features and functionality that customers are looking for. Plenar understands the need of quality support and provides and escalates problem through three level support program

Level 1 : Contact the support center is enabled through technical support center that logs the call with the relevant details. The support executives search the existing knowledge base to verify whether a standard solution exists for the reported problem and communicates back to the client.

Level 2 : If no solution is found in the knowledge base, the problem is escalated to Level 2 in the support center and senior executives with extensive functional/technical expertise take over. The problem is simulated in the customer environment and a solution or a workaround is suggested if possible. If not resolved, the problem is flagged as a bug or an enhancement request and delivered to the Product Management team. This team decides whether to include enhancements or bug fixes in future releases of the product.

Level 3 : After approval by the product management team, the issue is transferred to sustaining engineering team. They address bug and enhancement requests.

Plenar manages the whole process and provides other related services, such as :

  • Assistance during client migrations to new releases
  • Documentation of known solutions for inclusion in knowledge repository
  • Performance testing of customer situations
  • Support for multiple customer versions, including multi-lingual versions

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