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Over the past 10 years, Plenar has created exceptional expertise in specific industry verticals. Here is a list of companies in industries we helped grow from start-ups to a valuation of $100 million. We can help your company achieve such fantastic results too.

Cloud-based Communication

Leveraging the power of cloud-based communication (CBC) to build platforms for B2B and B2C solutions. The technologies provided by Twilio, Plivo, Sinch, and othersuch platforms for creating Voice, SMS, & MMS services. Plenar can develop solutions built around CBC or use it as an enabler to develop your business.

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Digital Health

Plenar has helped companies build robust Remote Health Monitoring Solutions using highly automated protocols and integration with Wireless Medical devices. With extensive expertise in mobile follow-up care development, we can create platforms meeting wide-array of healthcare needs. We develop solutions for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Patient engagement and advanced user interface is Plenar’s expertise.

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Plenar has developed Customer relationship management (CRM) systems for clients to manage customers, leads, events, tasks, documents, estimates/invoices, customer surveys, ratings, feedbacks and corporate training systems. Our understanding of CRM systems can help you prepare successful product.

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Digital Marketing

Plenar excels in Bulk email marketing, Bulk SMS, Product feed management and Google Ads.

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