Why Make elegant and appealing websites? Well there can be so many ways to answer that questions and there are many reasons to make elegant and appealing websites. However, we’ll keep it simple. Your website is a reflection of your business – it is your business’ personality, whatever your business may be. It defines your brand, it is your brand. It simply isn’t how your website looks, the various animations, etc., it is how your website functions, the User Experience – ultimately a combination of form and function.

For users, visiting your website should be a positive experience they look forward to. An experience defined by:

  • Visual Appeal
  • Good page element layout
  • Clear content – user and client-centered – clear business & value proposition
  • Good UI coupled with good content
  • Guide the user through your site

When the average user visits a website, the two things they notice first is the look of the website and the content – what is this website, what do they do, how are they different, etc.
Captivate the user within the first few seconds with both of those elements leading them to explore your home page. At this point, the UI and the layout gains importance, the functionalities of your website, the engaging design features guide the user to explore the website past the home page.

The content gains importance again as users begin perusing through the different pages of the website. Keep your content concise yet with focus on your brand & products marketing.

Your design and UI/layout doesn’t have to be spectacular nor do you need to pour hours upon hours on the design. Find a balance between design, layout, and content to create the best website for your business. We believe simplicity and elegance go a long ways to define your website (and your business). To achieve that is a complex task.

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