Innovation in the tech industry has been integral to the innovation in the health industry for quite some time. Indeed, it has become more apparent in the last decade where health innovation is synonymous with tech innovation. One of the greatest tech innovation of our time has been the smartphone, it has empowered the end-user unlike ever before with information and mobility.

The same revolution has entered the health sector with the emergence of mHealth. mHealth or mobile Health is the use of mobile phone technology integrated into healthcare, mHealth takes many forms – smartphone apps, remote communication between doctors and patients, wearable devices connected to the smart phone, etc.

However, for us, mHealth means all of the above and more; but, one meaning in particular is very important to us – empowerment of the patient through mobile/smartphone technology. As mobile/ smart phone technology has given the consumer, the end user, freedom and power, so will mobile technology give patients, the end user in health sector, the power to take charge of their health and play an active role in their health.

Technology should simplify patient-centric approach to healthcare providing tools to patients to monitor their health, follow and comply with their care plan, and communicate with their doctors. For doctors, managing patients and assessing their health status becomes easier with up to date information and status of each patient.

We believe that is the definition of mHealth, where the patient, empowered by smartphone, is the center of health care.

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