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What We Do

With over a decade of experience, the Plenar team has mastered Software Engineering & Integration allowing us to develop your idea or solution so you can focus on building your business.

Plenar supports wide-array of development in the following verticals:


Full-stack software development, agility and adaptability for startups to help them reach and
grow in the market.


Custom development and management for enterprise-level projects offering scalability and effective deployment.


Creative solutions for digital branding for both website development with focus on front-end development.

Mobile App

Android, iOS, and Phonegap development for business, consumer, and enterprise applications. Rapid prototyping in agile environment.

We develop professional software solutions.

for several business areas where security,reliablity and usability are key points.

Our Domain Expertise

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Digital Health

Providing eHealth and mHealth solutions for healthcare sector globally with focus on improving patient care and engagement.


Business management solutions for business development, marketing, and resource management. Focused on accelerating growth of small businesses.

Digital Marketing

Innovative marketing solutions for businesses ranging from managing & implementing digital marketing campaigns to developing dedicated marketing platforms.

Cloud-based Communication

Solutions for B2B and B2C markets leveraging technology of Twilio, Plivo, Sinch, and othersuch platforms for creating Voice, SMS, & MMS services.

  • Plenar Technologies came recommended by a trusted industry advisor. The decision to work with Plenar was one of the best decisions our company has ever made. The team understood our requirements from the beginning and quickly aligned appropriate resources, spanning a broad mix of core skills and technologies. Our projects demanded deep understanding of new technologies, which was rapidly accomplished. There were no language barriers and all design decisions were validated by our company, prior to implementation. Individuals on the project were hand-picked, with our oversight, and were dedicated as though they were our direct employees. In essence, they became part of our family. Without doubt, the Plenar team will continue to remain a crucial part of our organization.
  • The Customer Service and Quality of Programming work we have received from Plenar Technologies over the last 6 Months has been outstanding, I would have no problem recommending their service.

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